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Fern Information

Here are some suggested books, organizations, and websites to find more information about ferns. There is a link to a photo gallery of fern images and a cross reference between common fern names and botanic ones. See also our Fern Catalog Pages, that have additional pictures and descriptions.

Information Sources & Links   Fern Photo Gallery
Organizations - The Hardy Fern Foundation - I've been a member for a number of years and I can definitely recommend membership if you have more than a passing interest in ferns. Their mission is to evaluate and promote hardy ferns in gardens. There is a quarterly newsletter that is informative without being over the top technical, a spore exchange, a yearly program to distribute new ferns
Books - Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns by Sue Olsen
Comprehensive, with practical advice from one of America's top fern growers. Many hundreds of beautiful photos. A large format with 444 pages. Since it was published in 2007, this is one of my primary resources. (available from Amazon)
Books - Ferns for American Gardens by John T. Mickel
My copy is dog-eared from extensive use over the years. Over 500 species and varieties described. Certainly most types likely to be encountered in catalogs and garden centers. If I had to recommend just one book to a fern gardener, this would be it. (available in paperback from Amazon)
Websites - Missouri Botanical Garden Plantfinder - An extensive database at The Kemper Center for Home Gardening of The Missouri Botanical Garden (Mobot). Find by botanic 0r common names. This is a great resource for any ornamental plant, not just ferns.
Websites - The Hardy Fern Library - The focus here is on fern identification. The site is still a work in progress, but there is a lot of information - presented in a relatively easy to understand format.
Nurseries - Fancy Fronds - This is a West Coast Nursery, specializing in ferns. Judith is a respected fern expert and her website is an excellent information source. Their annual Fronderosa Frolic has apparently become quite an event.
Nurseries - Casa Flora - While we propagate most of our ferns here at the nursery, there are some things that are just too difficult or that we can't keep up with. Casa Flora has been a great source for us over the years. They pioneered TC production of a number of new varieties. Their website has information and images. (Wholesale Only)
Websites - USDA PLANTS Database - Includes all types of plants, not just ferns. While the entries are as dry & technical as you would expect, I really like the detailed plant distribution maps. Search by scientific or common names.

These are images of ferns I've taken over the years. The file opens in a separate window on the Google Picasa website. When you get to the Picasa site if you click on a thumbnail it will open a larger image. From there if you click "Full Screen" in the upper left corner it will open an even larger image.

Fern Photo Gallery Fern Images
(opens in a new window on the Google Picasa site)
Common Names

In our catalog, we've grouped our ferns by botanical names for clarity and accuracy. But most people don't think about, or refer to ferns by these scientific names. They use common names like Lady Fern, Cinnamon Fern, or Ostrich Fern. I've tried to give cross references from the most common Common Names to the Botanic.

Arborvitae Fern - Selaginella braunii
Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora
Bead Fern - Onoclea
Beech Fern - Thelypteris
Berry Fern - Cystopteris bulbifera
Bladder Fern - Cystopteris
Braken - Pteridium
Bristle Fern - Polystichum polybelpharum
Buckler Fern - Dryopteris
Chain Fern - Woodwardia
Christmas Fern - Polystichum
Cinnamon Fern - Osmunda cinnamomea
Cloak Fern - Cheilanthes
Deer Fern - Blechnum
English Painted Fern - Athyrium otophorum
Felt Fern - Pyrrosia
Five Finger Fern - Adiantum pedatum
Flowering Fern - Osmunda
Harts Tongue Fern - Phyllitis
Hay Scented Fern - Dennstaedtia
Holly Fern - Cyrtomium
Interrupted Fern - Osmunda claytoniana
Japanese Painted Fern - Athyrium niponicum
Lady Fern - Athyrium
Lip Fern - Cheilanthes
Log Fern - Dryopteris celsa
Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum
Male Fern - Dryopteris filix-mas
Ostrich Fern - Matteuccia
Painted Fern - Athyrium
Peacock Fern - Selaginella uncinata
Rainbow Moss - Selaginella uncinata
Royal Fern - Osmunda regalis
Sensitive Fern - Onoclea sensibilis
Spike Moss - Selaginella
Spleenwort - Asplenium
Upside Down Fern - Arachniodes standishii
Wood Fern - Dryopteris