The Crownsville Nursery - located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia  (443) 333-8569

The Crownsville Nursery is a small, mailorder nursery dedicated to quality, selection and service; we pride ourselves on customer service and attention to detail. We spent years perfecting our packing system, generally acknowledged as the best in the industry. To ensure that your order arrives nursery-fresh at your door, we inspect each plant we ship individually, then wrap and secure in its shipping carton - no styrofoam, no mess. Your order is important to us, our continued success depends on your satisfaction. If you are new to mailorder gardening or have been disappointed by the quality or condition of the plants shipped to you in the past, please read what others have said about us ....


Check the positive comments at the Garden Watchdog Site. 

And comments from garden writers:

 "Everything arrives very hale and hearty due to gigantic plants shipped in scrupulous packing,... overall, a very fine source."
Dianne Benson, Author of Dirt

 "Imagine opening a shipping box and finding vibrant plants, some already in bloom, vigorous, bursting with color - a ready-made garden. I hate the word instant, but Crownsville's product comes about as close as anything can."
Ken Druse, Garden Editor, House Beautiful and Author of The Natural Garden, The Natural Shade Garden, and The Natural Habitat Garden

 "No other nursery can match the care [The Crownsville Nursery] takes in packaging and shipping plants to customers."
Patricia Taylor, Author of Easy Care Perennials and Easy Care Shade Flowers

And unsolicited emails from customers:

"Hi Dave, Thx for the lovely plants which arrived today in mint condition...as always!"

"My plants arrived today.  Despite the hideous heat we have been having, the plants are fresh and green.  Your packing is remarkable.  I hope to get these plants in the garden in the next 48 hours and expect wonderful results.  Hurray for Crownsville Nursery!  I look forward to my next order....maybe in the cool of the autumn."

"great job getting the plants here! Timely and perfectly packed. I look forward to planted them"

"Thanks again for getting my plants to me so quickly. As usual, they were perfectly lush with incredible root systems."

"The 3 plants I ordered from you were not only healthy but arrived in the very best condition --better than any plants I've ordered anywhere! Thank you!"

"Just a note to thank you for the prompt shipment. Plants arrived in terrific condition. Will do business with you again."

"My box of plants arrived this morning in PERFECT condition, and they are just beautiful, healthy specimens! The packaging was perfect! Not one tiny speck of dirt was in the box, and THAT is a first! I order from many companys. Your system is the BEST. Thanks again for such good quality!"

"I just received my shipment. I have been buying plants for years but your quality is simply outstanding. Very healthy plants and of good size. Secondly the shipment packaging is some of the best that I have ever seen. Plants are moisture protected and protected from breaking. Well done...you will be my supplier of choice."

"I received my plants today and I was so happy to see how well they looked. They not only looked very healthy but the packaging was amazing!! I have ordered plants from other companies and have been so surprised how they don't pack the plants for shipping. Thank you so much!! I will be ordering from Crownsville Nursery again. I will recommend you to friends and family."

"I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my purchase.  The plants were excellent quality and arrived in excellent shape!  This is the first time I've ordered from Crownsville Nursery and you guys are hands-down better than any other company that I've ever mail ordered from!  I will definitely become a repeat buyer!  Keep up the good work!"

"I received my plants and they look great!!  I was impressed with the way they were packaged and will order from Crownsville again.

Thank you!"

"Hello, I received my order today. The first thing my wife said when the box was opened. Look how nice they packed them. We'll order from them again. Little things mean a lot. I'm very pleased."

"Just to let you know, I have never been so impressed with the packing and product of any garden order. You have made a loyal and happy customer out of me.  I thank you, my garden thanks you and I'll bet my neighbors will as well."

"I just wanted to send a quick note in regards to a recent order that I placed. This was my first order (3 ferns) and I was very well pleased with the experience. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Wednesday, that in itself was awesome, but the quality of the plants and the care with which they were packed was by far the best I have encountered using an online company for plants. In a time when everybody wants to "gripe" about something, I just wanted to send a big "Thank YOU!!!" for the way that my order was handled."

"Order arrived 4/22  in the usual excellent condition. Thank you for the continued superior products and shipping service." "Thank you. My Japanese Painted ferns arrived today in perfect condition!!!!!!!! Impressive"

"Justa note to say thank you for the beautiful plants I ordered: a Eucomis and 3 painted ferns.  Just beautiful!!  thank you again,"

"I received my order Friday and I must tell you how pleased I am.  The plants came wonderfully packed and not a leaf was hurt, and ....the size of the plants are great.  I am so very pleased with your company....I will be ordering from you again.  I have also left positive feedback for you on the Dave's Garden Website.  It is so good to know I can be confident in placing future orders with your company."

"Dave,I am so impressed with the plant I ordered from your company.The plants looked so alive.Everything was packaged so beautifully.Thank you very much."

"Dave , received plants, what a pleasure to purchase from you. Your plants are always healthy and robust, service second to none. Same as Bridgewood. Will return again"

"Package arrived today.  Everything looks great. Look forward to planting tomorrow.  Thank you."

"Thanks Dave. As always, it is a joy to work with you.  I am excited for the delivery as
my first order yielded such wonderful plants."

"Hello, My shipment of 10 quart-sized lady ferns arrived today. I have to say that I wasn't expecting the larger, healthy ferns when I opened that box. I love plants and want to keep adding to my collection and so does my partner. We are restoring an old English garden to its most original condition. Thank you for the SIZE and quality of your plants that is rare in today's plant market." 

"Dear Dave, The ferns arrived safely and I am very, very pleased with them and totally fascinated with the variation of the different ferns."

"Plants arrived today and they're absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, "

"just had to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful your plants are! I was so happy and pleased with the order that I just received that I ordered some more! Thanks and keep up the good work!"

"Dave, Thank you very much for the really wonderful plants. I received them on Wednesday. They were received in perfect shape. You did a great job with the packing!! I just finished planting them in my shade garden, they look great. Look forward to ordering more plants."

"Just wanted to let you know my order arrived today.  Thanks for quick service and beautiful plants that were very well packed.  This is my first order from you and I am very happy with it."

"Hello Dave Just wanted to let you know I received my plants today and they are BEAUTIFUL!

I have left positive feedback on Garden Watchdog for you! Thanks so much"

"Just wanted to let you know I purchased from you last March three "Pictum" and 3 "Brilliance" and they have done just splendidly here in Middle Tennessee, in spite of the somewhat marginal site I was able to provide for them (the Pictum went into a raised bed but the poor Brilliance ended up in clay soil in a rock garden area).  The Pictum especially are gorgeously showing with their coloration and I am really enjoying them.  Thank you!"

"Recently, I ordered epimedium & tiarella from you after a search on the web for these plants. The plants arrived very quickly, were well packed, & are beautiful specimens, in perfect shape. A shot in the dark that turned in to a complete success-thanks much."

"Plants have arrived in less than 2 days, in excellent condition. Thank you! " 

"I recieved my order today. It was AWESOME!!! The ferns arrived in excellant condition and were packed better then anything I have ever recieved. It is obvious to me that you have a fantastic business!!!"

"Yours was the best packed shipment of plants I've ever received, and I'm 67 years old. Congratulations."

"Hi,I just received my order THESE PLANTS ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so impressed and can't wait to get them in the ground!! I plan to make another order this week once I see how much room I have in my garden:) I will be sure to tell all of my "gardening buddies" about you!!"

"Just received (and planted) my order.  Having never ordered from you, I was ecstatic over the quality of plants I received.  Will definitely order again and recommend you to friends & family!"

"Hello, I just received my order..the plants are in great condition, they even have blooms!  Thank you."

"I just received the plants and they are wonderful. I want to thank you forsending the plants to the NC address and timing the shipment to coincide
with our arrival. I also want you to know that I have ordered from other catalog and onlinenurseries and your plants are by far the best. There is actually no
comparison between the puny plants that I have received in the past and the large, healthy and beautiful plants that you sent."

"My order came just 2 days after I ordered it...complete and perfect.  The huge size of the plants surprised me since other places send 2/1/2 " pots and seedlings for the same money  Many Thanks"

"Dave, I did receive the above order in very good shape and also within 2 days. The plants are great, I'm very pleased.  Please add me to your mailing list."

"Dave, Wanted to let you know that I received my order of ferns in excellent condition!  The packing was great and the ferns are beautiful!  Thank you so much!"

"Thanks so much, Dave.  I want to compliment you all on the beautiful plants you always send me.  I order quite a lot online  but your plants are always the nicest plants and in the best condition of any I receive, so I always check to see if you have what I want before I place any order.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

"Hi Dave: The plants arrived as expected and were in beautiful condition.  Thanks so much."

"I received my order from you and want to compliment you on the way you shipped the items I ordered. They are beautiful plants and were very nicely packed. I also would like to say I appreciate you sending my 2 orders as one to save on postage. I am looking foward to receiving your catalog." 

"I want to thank you all for the plants I received. They were in excellent condition; well packed and I am anxious to get them in the ground. Also for packing both orders in the same shipment. I do appreciate that." 

"I just wanted you to know the three Echinacea Tikki Torch plants arrived yesterday and the are some of the best looking plants I have received when ordering off the internet.  We set them on our deck yesterday as we had light rain all day and will get them planted tomorrow.  Thank you again for the beautiful plants."

"I just got my order today and I want to Thank-you for how well the plants were packed, they arrived in perfect condition and they are all very good looking plants.  Will be looking forward to the next time I order."

"Dave, I've just received my order of three Osmunda spectabilis and I couldn't be happier!  The plants arrived when promised, were packed very securely and are extremely well-grown.  Thank you very much"

"Dave, I got the plants last night.  They are in fantastic shape.  They will be going in the beds today. Thanks so much.  Be ordering again in the spring." 

"Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your nursery is one of the "last chance" mail order nurseries that I would ever try.  This poses a real problem for me cause I like plants our local nurseries don't carry (live out in the country).  Anyway, the plants just arrived and THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!  Actually decent sized, healthy looking, green plants amazing.  Thanks for your quality.  I'll definitely be back for more." 

"Hello Dave. They came and I'm delighted with them.  Nice BIG plants,  in excellent shape."

"Dave,My order arrived today.  It looks great. Thanks for the quick service."