Hostas (all on Sale)

We carry hundreds of varieties of Hostas... tiny to gigantic... blues, greens, yellows, variegated... in all kinds of forms & shapes.

Yes… by popular demand, the traditional Bridgewood Gardens Hosta "Ugly Plant Sale" will be continued into its 17th year (even though the new home is here at The Crownsville Nursery now) This is the only time of year that all of the Hostas are on sale, with savings of 30-50%... If you've never ordered during our Ugly Plant Sales, the most important thing you need to know is that "ugly plants" does not mean sick plants.

In fact, most of the plants we ship during this sale look just fine. A few brown spots, a few holes in the leaves, but until late fall, most of them actually look pretty good. We grow our Hostas in quite a bit of bright light. They would probably look better at this time of year if we gave them more shade, but they grow better with a bit of sun. They store more food in the rhizome for next year's growth.

For most of the year, giving the plants a bit of sun doesn't have much of an effect on their appearance, but by late summer it starts to take a toll. On some varieties, colors are beginning to fade and wash out and leaves are getting brown spots, burnt edges and holes. Some look worse than others. Plants with a lot of white in the leaves are usually the first to go, but as the season progresses, most are going to have some uglies & need to be cut back before shipping… but it will absolutely not affect the way they look next year.